The solutions lie beyond the usual suspects—doctors, diagnosis, and DNA. And, the benefits reach beyond the individual to the larger community. We uncover the complimentary context for diverse stakeholders to evolve the health landscape.

ARCHI does not run programs or develop its own interventions, rather ARCHI is the rocket fuel behind others. By helping organizations align their resources and expertise, ARCHI has begun to demonstrate that when the region’s valuable assets, both institutional and community-based are aligned, we can move the needle toward well-being for all. We are shaping a new triple bottom line to ensure that a strong Atlanta will thrive in the 21st century.


ARCHI is based in the work of Nobel Prize winner, Elinor Ostrom who proved that communities are capable of organizing to achieve shared benefits even when it might require short term losses in order to achieve longer term gains. She spent her career documenting how individuals and organizations with shared interests can structure their work to ensure that benefits accrue to all and common goods are preserved for future use and enjoyment.


We use a cutting edge dynamic systems model that helps stakeholders determine the interventions that will create the greatest benefit at the lowest cost.


Our disruption began when a founding core group of organizations—ARC, United Way of Greater Atlanta, Georgia Health Policy Center, and Kaiser Permanente of GA—huddled to create a game plan for change.

Each organization shared a recognition that while metro Atlanta is filled with world class healthcare institutions, organizations and experts and it struggles to ensure that every resident has equal can achieve the same health outcomes. They believed that this inequity was holding the metro region back, keeping not only individuals but the whole community from achieving its full potential.


ARCHI is a growing coalition of public, private and nonprofit organizations committed to improving the region’s health. If your organization shares this goal, please consider joining us.

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