ARCHI began when a small group joined forces to realign Atlanta’s significant health investments to yield better results. The shared concern was that in a major metro area with world class health resources–why were some residents experience declining health outcomes while employers assume ever increasing health costs?


ARCHI founders knew that it would take much more than healthcare to improve health outcomes–communities, schools, families must be supported to create overall well-being. Organized as a collective impact collaborative ARCHI has been working since 2011 to develop and refine its 28-year strategy, implement community-led change in neighborhoods where health statistics are the worst and address the systemic challenges that create health disparities.



Like minded individuals and organizations begin to meet to explore new opportunities to improve health in Atlanta

The Philanthropic Collaborative for a Healthy Georgia convenes key organizations to explore the new Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) requirements established in the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Grady begins negotiating 30-year contracts with Fulton and DeKalb counties



The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), United Way of Greater Atlanta, and Georgia Health Policy Center accept shared leadership role of ARCHI, known as the Executive Trio

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funds the calibration of the ReThink Health systems model for metro Atlanta

A series of community stakeholder sessions culminate with 70 stakeholders gathering to use the ReThink Health systems model to develop and adopt 28-year strategy, named Atlanta Transformation

Begin to assemble broad stakeholders around critical topics in health systems transformation: Systems Models to Design Change, Partnerships to support hospital to community transitions, Innovations in Employer based healthcare

Committees meet to lay the foundation for the ARCHI Playbook



ARCHI Steering Committee drafts the ARCHI partnership agreement and the first 30 organizations sign on as partners

ARCHI receives first cash contributions

ARCHI partners complete first version of the Playbook, compiling evidence based and best practices to support 7 priorities of the 28-year strategy

Steering committee completes six-part, national training on collective impact.

ARCHI partners submit first joint proposal- to Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) for innovations in diabetes care

United Way of Greater Atlanta launches $3 million Dare to Forget the Box challenge integrating ARCHI priorities into this new innovative funding opportunity

United Way funds Community Health Workers at Grady hospital and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in support of improved Care Coordination



ARCHI applies for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize and develops video describing the collaborative

ARCHI Steering Committee develops bylaws which formalize the operating structure for the committee

ARCHI launches first community-led health improvement collaborative in Tri-Cities and develops strategy utilizing community-based solutions

ARCHI selected as one of six Alignment for Health Equity and Development (AHEAD) program sites in the country



ARCHI assembles cross-sector team to integrate health and community development investments in East Point in as a part of the AHEAD project

Tri-Cities Stewardship group formed, and 22 community leaders and residents elected to improve health in East Point, College Park and Hapeville

ARCHI facilitates alignment with EP farmers market and ARC to expand participation in local farmers market

ARCHI brings together East Point Parks and Rec Department, Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership (ANDP), the owner of DeLowe Village, Project Open Hand and other community partners to offer onsite services to residents

ARCHI brings together partners led by Kaiser Permanente to jointly invest in new active living playground equipment for DeLowe Village

Kaiser Permanente, Piedmont Healthcare, and Grady Health System launch their work on a joint CHNA with ARCHI

Tri-Cities Stewardship Group launches community conversations

Legal agreement to support ARCHI is drafted and signed by Atlanta Regional Commission, Georgia Health Policy Center and the United Way

Fulton County is awarded PICH (Partners in Improving Community Health) grant from CDC and ARCHI partners awarded funds to support active living and efforts to curb smoking throughout Fulton County

An updated version of the ARCHI Playbook is released

ARC, Grady Health System, United Way of Greater Atlanta, and Fulton County design and launch inter-organization Collective Impact Study Series with national experts



ARC, Grady, United Way and Fulton County complete Collective Impact Study Series with national experts.

ARCHI membership grows to 80 organizations; ARCHI completes region’s five-system joint community health needs assessment

Piedmont Healthcare, Grady Health System, and the United Way of Greater Atlanta fund and launch a Community Health Worker student learning program pilot with the Tri-Cities Stewardship Group focused on youth from Tri-Cities

Stanford Social Innovation Review features ARCHI

Named HealthConnect South “Collaborative of the Year”

ARCHI connects Kaiser Permanente and Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (AVLF) = transformative partnership

Work to strengthen ARCHI’s communication begins

Tri-Cities Stewardship Group won award for helping pass East Point pass smoke-free ordinance for public parks.

PICH work continues with joint focus on increasing physical activity in the school day throughout Fulton County and active living plans and infrastructure in East Point, Sandy Springs and the City of Atlanta

ARCHI receives multi-year funding commitment from Kaiser Permanente to support new leadership

ARCHI Partners secure Federal Transit Authority (FTA), Rides to Wellness grant


ARCHI is a growing coalition of public, private and nonprofit organizations committed to improving the region’s health. If your organization shares this goal, please consider joining us.

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