ARCHI partnered with the Rippel Foundation and the ReThink Health team beginning in 2012 to develop a comprehensive but measurable strategy for improving health outcomes in metro Atlanta. ARCHI leadership have studied with the ReThink experts, mapped out and assessed milestones and progress and most importantly utilized the ReThink Dynamic Systems Model to chart the ARCHI Strategy.


Designed by an award-winning team of MIT-trained scientists, the ReThink Health Dynamics Model brings together decades of evidence and is regularly updated to reflect the latest research and input from users. Calibrated for the metro Atlanta region, this model allowed over 70 Atlanta area leaders and stakeholders to simulate how the local health system would respond to changes in both interventions and investments. The model allowed the team in Atlanta to explore not only changes to clinical care, but the expansion of access to care, innovations in financing models, and upstream investments in education, economic opportunities, and behavior change.


Using the model ARCHI was able to identify 7 core strategies as well as quantify the impact that a concentrated, scaled effort around each would have on individual health outcomes, health utilization, and economic indicators like per worker healthcare costs and worker productivity.


ARCHI is a growing coalition of public, private and nonprofit organizations committed to improving the region’s health. If your organization shares this goal, please consider joining us.

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