Executive Director Leadership Profile

March 2022


The Opportunity 

ARCHI, the Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement, seeks a new Executive Director to guide the vision and strategy of this large collaborative with a shared commitment for improving the region’s health outcomes. The ARCHI Executive Director will assume the helm of a very dynamic multi-sector partnership at a critical time in its evolution. With a strong track record accumulated over its first decade of work, ARCHI seeks an inspiring leader with a deep commitment to achieving health and racial equity through a focus on the social determinants and vital conditions of health. The Executive Director will help lead ARCHI’s Invert the Burden Strategy which advocates for a system of care that meets people where they are and puts individuals in the center, removing barriers and challenges to accessing the full range of what they and their families need to stabilize and thrive. ARCHI’s new Executive Director will also be charged with growing ARCHI’s impact and influence—expanding the relationships, champions and support for the work to help ARCHI take a big leap toward its long-range goal of building an Atlanta where everyone can thrive.  

ARCHI has a bold, long-term 28-year (2012-2040) commitment to improving health in the metro Atlanta area. This time frame has allowed ARCHI to tackle complex, hard to solve upstream/root causes that allow so many of our poor health outcomes to persist. In 2017, ARCHI began what remains an ongoing commitment to deepening the understanding and knowledge of the underlying racism that drives so many of our region’s poor health outcomes and systemically dismantling the policies, practices and prejudices that cause all these inequities to persist. Having begun this work before the pandemic and the racial reckoning that brought many new partners to the issues of racial equity in 2020, ARCHI committed to both helping its partners move from talking and learning to operationalizing change and leading larger dialogue across the region. The new Executive Director will drive this next phase of ARCHI’s equity work and lead this evolution to operationalize equity into ARCHI’s work and into the strategies and work of its partners. 

ARCHI will welcome its new leader at an important juncture in its development and growth. ARCHI has completed its first decade with a strong track record, the confidence of its partners and credibility in the community and across the country. It is an established thought leader, a driver of innovation and a facilitator of creative partnerships to address complex needs. It has articulated and is acting on the need to amplify care coordination and improved service access. The Steering Committee is re-organizing its own structure and recommitting to the fundamental underpinning of ARCHI’s collective impact model—creating stewardship of community health. The new Executive Director of ARCHI will lead the collaborative through this next step in its development including the completion of the first phase of the Invert the Burden Strategy, building a new governance and stewardship structure to support ARCHI’s work and crafting the vision for the next steps in ARCHI’s long term vision for change. 


Organization Overview  

ARCHI (Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement) is a multi-sector collaborative of 110 organizations with a shared 28-year commitment to improving health in the metro Atlanta area. Focused primarily on the social determinants and vital conditions of health, the diverse partnership includes healthcare institutions along with organizations that work on a wide range of issues including transportation, housing, homelessness, behavioral health, immigrant and refugee concerns, job training and placement. Formed in 2012, the collaborative provides support and technical assistance to agencies interested in working together, across sectors to achieve improvements not only in the delivery of care but in the significant health inequities that prevent too many Atlantans from achieving their potential.  

ARCHI’s 28-year plan (2012-2040) is rooted in a rigorous analysis of the metro area’s health outcomes, healthcare financing and disparities. This data-driven strategy identified critical areas where intervention could yield substantial changes in the health of residents while decreasing the dollars spent on healthcare.  The data revealed that non-clinical concerns (i.e., the social determinants of health- housing, transportation, quality jobs, and education) play a disproportionate role in determining the health of individuals and families and that robust care coordination that connects clinical care with community-based services is essential to moving the needle on health improvements. The research also shows that Atlanta’s historic practices, policies and prejudices have made it significantly harder for people of color to access the care and support they need to be well creating persistent health inequities across our communities. ARCHI now focuses its work on an Invert the Burden Strategy that aims to remove the burdens of navigating a complex and siloed system of supports from the individual and streamline access to speed the delivery of care. This strategy is carried out through three different program areas: Systems Change, Piloting Innovation, Critical Workforce and Financing; and is a part of ARCHI’s overall work to address the underlying health and racial inequities that have made it difficult to improve health. 

ARCHI concentrates its work in Fulton and DeKalb counties but collaborates across jurisdictional lines in the greater Atlanta metro area when needed. ARCHI holds a unique position as backbone support organization in the collective impact model at the center of ARCHI’s operations. Primary to ARCHI’s value proposition to the Atlanta community is the role it plays as a neutral convener, the tasks it leads to absorbing the risks that can come with innovation and systems change. In this way, ARCHI provides strategic support to its many partners and provide opportunities for them to be both responsive to immediate needs and accountable to creating change. 

ARCHI is supported through local and national philanthropic investments and contracts with local and state agencies to carry out its work. Many ARCHI partners make direct contributions to support ARCHI’s operations, but this is not a requirement of partnership with ARCHI. ARCHI’s annual budget ranges from $1-1.5 million dollars. 

ARCHI was founded by the Georgia Health Policy Center, the United Way of Greater Atlanta and the Atlanta Regional Commission. Georgia State University and the Georgia Health Policy Center serve as the administrative home and fiscal agent for the collaborative.  


A Brief History of ARCHI’s Organizational Development: 

ARCHI was formed by the input of stakeholders and partners who desired an alternative that could ensure health for all Atlantans. Adopting a series of data driven priorities that could both positively disrupt the healthcare system and scale innovation to effectively address the root causes of poor health outcomes and persistent health inequities. 

Beginning in 2012 ARCHI’s Steering Committee and Executive Team led ARCHI in the development of a series of community and system based cross sector partnerships which not only informed the what but the how of ARCHI’s work. The Steering Committee recognized the need for a full time staff leader of ARCHI. They raised the funding and hired ARCHI’s first Executive Director at the start of 2017.  

At the end of that year, ARCHI formally launched its health equity work which began and continues as a learning series but has also evolved into the work of integrating equity practices in ARCHI’s own operations and the operations of its partners.   

In 2021, the ARCHI Steering Committee spent first quarter in several strategic planning sessions fleshing out and adopting its Invert the Burden strategy which recognizes the importance of care coordination in achieving better health outcomes and addressing health inequities. ARCHI has launched a series of innovations including both the Community Resource Hubs and the Coordinated Services effort to redesign Atlanta’s system of care—meeting people where they are and putting people in the center.   

For more on ARCHI’s activities and impacts over its history, see the Year in Review Summaries on the ARCHI website. 

Position Summary and Candidate Qualifications 

The Executive Director of ARCHI is responsible for carrying out all aspects of the vision and the strategy drafted by the staff and the Steering Committee with the input of ARCHI partners. This includes supervising and managing ARCHI staff, raising the investments needed to carry out ARCHI’s work, engaging partners to understand emerging needs and address those needs by building cross-sector collaboratives.  

The ARCHI Executive Director will be a central thought leader in Atlanta and across the country on critical issues that include: the value of collaborative work to address underlying, root causes of poor health, the need for comprehensive whole person care delivery systems and the opportunities and promise of taking healthcare far beyond the walls of clinics and hospitals and into communities. 

It is important that the Executive Director can draw on his/her lived experience, can embrace complexity, bring a systems thinking lens to the work and is comfortable with ambiguity. 

Responsibilities of this position include:

  • Shaping the vision and the strategy to achieve ARCHI’s bold 28-year (2012-2040) goals in coordination with the ARCHI Steering Committee 
  • Work with the staff and Steering Committee to develop multi-year work plans and relevant metrics to track progress. 
  • Provide thought leadership across the metro region on ARCHI’s key concerns including health and racial equity, the social determinants and vital conditions of health. 
  • Provide direct oversight and management to the ARCHI project team (6-8 individuals) including pilot development and support, problem solving, partner engagement and navigation. 
  • Lead all fundraising, grant development and submission efforts 
  • Budgeting and financial management of ARCHI’s operations 
  • Guide the research and continuous learning of the ARCHI team in content areas that support the Invert the Burden strategy. These include but are not limited to: evaluating complexity, community stewardship of health, complex care, person centered care, trauma informed care, collective impact. 
  • Guide evaluation and relevant metric development and tracking 
  • Guide internal and external meeting design, organization, and facilitation.  
  • Attend relevant local and national meetings and conferences 



  • Strong relationships in the Atlanta community with nonprofit organizations, state and local governments and philanthropic leaders 
  • Ability to build relationships with and among a large and diverse collaborative 
  • Personal commitment to dismantling systemic racism  
  • Excellent Writing/Communication/Presentation skills 
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Strategic Agility 
  • Networking skills and aptitude for representing ARCHI with local, state, and national organizations 
  • Demonstrated participatory and team-oriented style of interaction  
  • Understanding of the practice of adaptive leadership and experience as neutral convener 
  • Experience with and a demonstrated ability to raise necessary investments to cover ARCHI operations, strategies and innovation work. 
  • Relevant experience budgeting and managing funds of a comparable size 
  • Ability to multi-task, pay attention to detail, and exhibit excellent customer service abilities.  
  • Effective time management and organizational skills. 
  • Effective and strategic oral and written skills to clearly and concisely communicate the “ARCHI Way” 


For more information about this opportunity, please contact: Sophen Joseph at sjoseph42@gsu.edu