ARCHI by the Numbers | January to June 2020

Partners met 275 times in the
first half of 2020 to work together on cross sector alignments

44 different organizations
were engaged in this work

164 individuals attended ARCHI’s March Quarterly Breakfast focused on Homelessness, Race and Health

ARCHI and United Way Support Colabs

12 organizations participated in 4 workshops to expand their skills and expertise in the principles
and practices of collective impact, including the unique challenges within COVID-19.

Dekalb Youth Prosperity Initiative
Served its first cohort of families, hiring a full-time Resource Navigator who provides supports and
services to families with students enrolled at Peachcrest Elementary in South DeKalb. Despite school
closing 6 weeks into the pilot, families received assistance with food, housing and healthcare

Atlanta Diabetes Partnership

First cohort of patients completed coaching to address their non-clinical needs

69%of patients report a
decrease in A1c

57% of patients report
a decrease in weight

67% of patients report
a decrease in blood pressure

6 health systems and insurers are developing a joint housing strategy and investment

5 Atlanta health systems have met weekly to collaboratively address the non-medical needs of COVID-positive homeless patients

9 presentations sharing ARCHI’s work with Atlanta community

5 new partners have joined the ARCHI partnership so far in 2020: