ARCHI was founded by individuals and organizations committed to upstream, cross-sector work.
A long vision propelled by iterative action. We are connecting a broad range of players to plug into our framework and catalyze change. We are beginning to move to scale.

Jeff Smythe

Executive Director

Jeffrey M. Smythe has dedicated his career to the alleviation of human suffering, poverty, isolation, and inequities and to organizations that make a transformative impact in such areas. During his nearly 30 years of nonprofit leadership, his work has ranged from housing, homeless and hunger alleviation to aging services, from HIV services to international development, from refugee and foster family support to youth development and mental health. Jeff led teams ranging from 5 employees to 140 employees; annual budgets from $750,000 to $17,000,000; geographic focus from local community to international.

One of the hallmarks of Jeff’s leadership has been stakeholder feedback and engagement processes. Whether for strategic planning, diversity equity and inclusion plans, or feasibility studies, Jeff has seen the power of engaging stakeholders in planning and ensuring those with lived experience have a voice.

In his most recent leadership role with HOPE Atlanta, Jeff led an unsheltered-to-hotel-to-housed triage case management process in partnership with ARCHI, Partners for HOME and other partners, that successfully and permanently housed more than 500 individuals amidst the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also led the securing of the highly coveted Bezos Day One Fund grant ($2.5M) in recognition of the organization’s impact and innovation around family homelessness solutions.

Jeff’s calling to this work stems from summer youth trips to the Navajo nation to repair homes and his volunteer year with the Harvard Institute for International Development-WorldTeach in rural Central America.  He enjoys time with his family, cross fit, star wars, and practicing his Spanish.

Meredith Swartz

Deputy Director

Meredith L. Swartz, MBA, has served in numerous strategy, operations, and project management and implementation roles across the healthcare industry since starting her graduate education in 2007. She spent several years as a management consultant leading nonprofit hospitals and academic medical centers through the strategic planning process and worked in-house at a large research university and academic medical center, where she focused on strategic planning and implementing large, transformational initiatives throughout the organization. In 2017, Meredith returned to consulting and works with clients across the healthcare spectrum including providers, community organizations, and startups. She has supported critical ARCHI projects since 2018 including the development of ARCHI’s Invert the Burden Strategy, Community Resource Hubs and the Coordinated Services redesign platform.

Aviva Berman

Senior Innovation Manager

Aviva Berman is a Senior Innovation Manager for the Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement (ARCHI). Her areas of expertise include population health, health care strategy and community engagement. She has significant experience in grant implementation and evaluation at both the city and state levels.

At the center, Berman supports ARCHI as a health systems strategist as part of the Invert the Burden initiative by further developing a Community Resource Hub and bolstering the partner network to address social determinants of health in the Atlanta area. By promoting care coordination and upstream, cross-sector work, Berman is working to improve practices to support critical clinical to community linkages.

Carrie Oliver

Senior Innovation Manager

Carrie Oliver is a Senior Project Manager for ARCHI. She manages projects addressing inequities in ARCHI’s Invert the Burden strategy. She has worked with the ARCHI team since 2020 to develop a Centering Equity Systems Model. The model helped partners identify actions to address the inequitable impact of COVID -19 in Black and Latinx communities. She has experience designing, implementing, and evaluating public health programs in the nonprofit, private, and government sectors in topic areas ranging from healthcare workforce to mental health. She has a passion for leveraging partnerships to create sustainable solutions that empower underrepresented communities.

Carrie received her Bachelor’s in Science in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Tech and her master’s degree in Public Health from Emory University.

Aisha Williams

Senior Innovation Manager

Aisha Williams is a Senior Innovation Manager at Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement (ARCHI) team. Aisha’s portfolio supports ARCHI’s Invert the Burden Strategy and contributes to the collective impact strategy, Community Resource Hubs, and various regional and state-wide Community Health Worker projects.

Aisha brings a wealth of experience in care coordination, community health worker models and collective impact strategies. Aisha will contribute to the standardization and advancement of the Community Health Worker role in the State of Georgia and work with local community partners to create strong community resource hubs that will address the social determinants impacting health outcomes among the most vulnerable.

Aisha received her bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Studies from Colorado State University and her Master’s in Health Studies from the University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa.

Teri Wheaton

Communications Specialist

Teri Wheaton is the communications specialist for ARCHI. Her professional background is in marketing and communications, graphic design, web design, and film production. Teri’s role is to provide internal and external marketing support for ARCHI, including development of marketing materials and maintenance of the website.

Teri received her bachelor’s degree in media studies from Radford University and her master’s degree in film and video from American University. She also received her MBA from Georgia State University.




ARCHI is a growing coalition of public, private and nonprofit organizations committed to improving the region’s health. If your organization shares this goal, please consider joining us.



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